Lets face it - who wants to sleep on top of millions of mites eating dead skin creating allergens all day!  

Typical Dust Mite test results

Mattress Size & cleaning price: 

Mattress 39" wide x 75" long

Mattress 54" wide x 75" long                $75.00


Mattress 60" wide x 80" long            $75.00

Mattress 72" wide x 84" long         $90.00  
King Mattress 76" wide x 80" long  

Each additional Twin & Full                   $35.00
Each additional Queen & King               $50.00

Carpet Dust Mite Anti-allergen treatment:

Minimum area  Price -          $35.00

Over minimum area  -          $.15 per square foot

Allergens in the carpeting can be dealt with quit effectively by using a natural biodegradable Mite Anti-allergen. After a thorough high powered extraction and our UVC Ultra Violet light treatment, we spray down the Anti-allergen and groom it into the carpet with a brush. It Dries fast and your back in business

Furniture Dust might treatment:

Chairs           $35

Love seat      $40

Sofa             $60

*With odd sized furnishings we will price on the job.

Carpet & upholstery Cleaning:

We recommend:
King's Chem-Dry
Phone: 818-954-9292
San Fernando Valley, Burbank, Glendale, and West LA.

Santa Clarita Valley:
Chem-Dry by C&G
Phone: 661-251-0453

Chem-Dry is the worlds Largest and successful carpet cleaning system. We trust their services completely. Only Chem-Dry uses The Natural, a proprietary carpet cleaning solution that is non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. This phenomenal carpet cleaning mixture lifts dirt to the surface where it is whisked away with the vortex power of the PowerHead, a high-performance unit that applies the cleaning solution and then sucks away the dirt and water. Click the Photos to see how the system works.

Call us anytime: 661-400-9691

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