Stop sleeping with over 1 million Dust Mites in your mattress

Are you and your family sleeping with the enemy?

You don't have to anymore!

Is it always Allergy season at home?
Hay Fever
Itchy Eyes
Runny Nose
Sneezing - Wheezing

Dust mites have become the most pervasive allergen that exits in our homes today.  What most people don't know is dust mites produce an allergen that is the #1 culprit to indoor allergies. If you suffer from allergies at home, most likely the Dust Mite is to blame. With the greatest concentration of mites living in the mattresses, along with large deposits of skin cells we shed, the mattress has become one of the dirtiest places in our homes. A good cleaning will solve your dust mite issues and improve your in-home environment and health.  You can eliminate millions of mites in one service.     

Mite Solution Services:

Mattress Cleaning

       Carpet Anti Allergen

    Furniture Treatment

Rug/Furniture Cleaning

Why is this important to you?

We shed 10 pounds of Skin yearly.
1/3 of our time is spent in bed.

Our skin percolates through the surface of the mattress. 

Dust mites feast only on dead skin we shed.

At night, dust mites absorb our perspiration like a sponge.

1-2 million mites are laying 20 fecal pellets each- per day.
Dust Mite feces and dead mite particles stay airborne up to 4 hours triggering most in-home allergies.                  
                    Your mattress is Disneyland for Dust Mites without even knowing it.

Service areas include:

Santa Clarita
San Fernando Valley
Beverly Hills
West Los Angeles
La Canada Flintridge 
Simi Valley
Calabasas - Westlake
Thousand Oaks

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Dust Mite Solutions for the home

Working in and around customer service businesses most of my life I saw the the overwhelming need for this service to deal with Dust mite problems knowing it would impact people in a positive healthy way, while improving the quality of our in-home environment. Our motto "Cleaner Healthier Happier" is what we strive to improve in every home we serve.                          
                                                   Sterling King

Cleaner ~ Healthier ~ Happier

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