Mattress Mite
Extraction Cleaning

Mite Extraction

By Chem-Dry

Anti-Dust Mite
allergen treatment

1. MATTRESS DUST MITE CLEANING   UVC-Ultra Violet light treatment
1. We will first inspect your Mattress(s) for any damage, thread loss, and bed bugs.
2. Extract a small sample of mattress mite particulate.
3. Perform allergen test to determine infestation levels. (FREE - This would cost $60 from on-line allergen labs)
4. Perform total extraction of both sides of Mattress(s) and apply UVC treatment.
5. Retest for accuracy.
6. Apply anti-dust mite spray.

100% Dry process - 100% Non Toxic - 100% Safe for your family

Things to Know
1. Skin deposits and mite pollutant is dry and powdery.
2. A dirty mattress is not what you see on the loosely woven outer fabric, it's underneath.
3. Using water to clean without thoroughly removing the deeply embedded pollution will not work!!
4. Water will create pasty residue from skin and mite deposits making removal difficult or imposable .

5. Dry cleaning is the only way to fully remove dry material and will have the best result.

2. Furniture Dust might Cleaning

1. Furniture that is most vulnerable for mite pollution will be determined.
2. Full extraction of all surfaces
3. Anti Dust Mite Spray applied

100% Dry process - 100% Non Toxic

Things to Know:
1. Furniture is quit different the Bedding due to the amount of time they are used.
2. Most mites need 70% humidity levels and high food sources making some furniture less likely for mites.
3. Your furniture may be better off to be cleaned normally.   
   *In this case I fully recommend a Chem-Dry carpet and upholstery franchise for this service.

3. Furniture Upholstery Cleaning

1. Sometimes furniture is better off being cleaned traditionally.
2. If your furniture is ready for that, I recommend Chem-Dry for your upholstery cleaning. 

4. Carpet Dust Mite Anti-Allergen Treatment

1. Carpeting will be fully vacuumed with a high power vacuum
2. UVC ultraviolet light treatment will be performed.

3. Dust Mite Anti-Allergen will be applied to the carpet.

100% Natural and Safe for your family

Things to know:

1. This will be a major barrier to the transfer of mites throughout the home
2. Because our pets are major carriers of Dust Mites the floor should be their primary resting place in the home.

3. When our pets share the furniture and beds with us, dust mites can re inhabit quickly.

Cleaner ~Healthier ~ Happier

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